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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Beauty and the Beast Upcoming Live Action Musical

I'm sorry and I know this next phrase is a big ol'e out of character statement for The Movie Watch... but:


So, awesome composer Alan Menken, who did every animated movie musical you have ever loved recently announced that he is doing the next two Disney movies (musical style)!

That's awesome.

“ … I am preparing the soundtracks of two Disney animated feature: Rapunzel and The Snow Queen, in addition (to) a live-action musical film about Beauty and the Beast, plus a new (Broadway) musical that will debut in fall 2010, Leap of Faith.”

But. WHAT? I'm sorry, but isn't there a Beauty and the Beast movie already, and isn't making a new one LIVE ACTION and with THE SAME SONGS a little redundant and blasphemous? I think so.

I'm sorry, but while everything else on that quote is awesome, whoever greenlit the live action Beauty and the Beast movie, is the biggest idiot around town.


Jen said...
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Jen said...

Is it definitely going to be the exact some songs from the animated feature?
Or do you think it's going to be more like the Brandy version of Cinderella?
I'd be more likely to watch it if it's the exact same songs actually, but why a movie, rather than a live show?  I agree on the leave a good thing alone.

JC Elizondo said...

There was already a Live Show, that is why. But I agree with Ezra it is redundant they should just relaunch the animated one in theaters.

But I will tell you why they are doing it. Because even though the Animation department and Alan Menken are awesome. They are still part of Disney and Disney, like all corporations, likes money. And reinventions of familiar movies is the biggest source of income in Studios nowadays.

Jen said...

Well now they can reinvent Beauty & the Beast as a comic book à la Marvel.

Wilder Shaw said...

Oh my.

JC Elizondo said...

They probably will since Disney has announced it intention to buy Marvel.

Ezra Edmond said...


Its either this winter or next winter in 3d (I saw a clip it looks awesome)

but yeah the live action ovie would have the same songs and just be a stupid piece of ass as far as I am concerned.

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