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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


There are times in which we can all enjoy a good bad movie. There are even some great bad movies that we can all enjoy; The Mummy Trilogy is probably the best example of the latter. But there is a fine line between a good bad movie and a bad movie that you simply happened to enjoy one day. I think that the difference lies in the filmmakers’ love for film or over their love for money but I might be a bit optimistic for saying so. Nevertheless a key difference is that good bad movie knows exactly what it is and what it wants to achieve regardless on whether it was made for money or love.

Drag Me To Hell had to be made for love for there is no way Sam Raimi, the director behind Spiderman and countless of good, bad, and good bad scary movies, could not have realized how bad this movie is. Drag Me To Hell’s plot is simple, predictable, and formulaic of all scary movies, the premise is preposterous, the acting so-so, the photography and special effects mediocre at best. And yet it made me cringe every moment it intended to; it made me jump every time in wanted me to jump; it made me laugh when it wanted to be funny, not when the scare factor failed to work. And most importantly I had a blast watching Drag Me To Hell because that was what it intended: simple entertainment.
Like many good bad movies part of the charm in Drag Me To Hell lies in its cast. Alison Lohman is perfect for the small town girl persona. Many scary movies exploit the hot girl running from monster card too often; this film, instead, uses a cute and charming small town girl. Lohman is perfect for this; she is the sweetest female lead in a scary movie that there has ever been. And as bad as this film is it makes you care for the sweet girl. Justin Long is also perfect as the ideal caring boyfriend, while Adriana Barranza (you might remember her from Babel) might be the only person who took this film seriously but because she plays a believing psychic it sort of fits.
I recommend Drag Me To Hell to anyone in the mood for some solid late afternoon entertainment; to anyone who wants to take their girlfriend to a scary movie so they can hold her on the scary parts; to anyone exhausted from a tiring day that just wants to relax and not to think; to any group of friends who like laughing at bad movies and throwing popcorn onto the screen; to anyone that has nothing better to do today, or tomorrow; or to anyone who is guilty of being a fan of good bad movies.
Drag Me To Hell is a great bad movie.
I have to warn you though; the film has some obsession with mouthparts, saliva and vomit that made me wonder what Freud would say about Raimi and oral fixation. You might not want to kiss your girlfriend right after this film. But other than that I hope you add this film to your list of guilty movie pleasures, right in between to The Mummy Trilogy and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

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