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Monday, April 14, 2008

How To Hook Up Your Home Theater

There is a new Disney short around, starring Goofy!

The Disney short program was a program started in the 1940's that would train young artists and animators in thier craft. Now, John Lasseter is bringing it back to the studio once again.

The shorts are being done entirely paperless, to teach artitsts how to use the new Wacom Cintiq, digital drawing software, which can give the old Disney traditional touch to a totally digital drawing.

Catch a clip here!

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Berkline Furniture said...

Consider if a cooler would serve your needs just as well. You will cut down on electricity, the noise and possible interference with the audio signal.

Leather Couches said...

ITEM! Apparently the book will be available in September on Amazon, but if you REALLY love me you'll wait to buy it in November at your local comic shop, to better help spread the word about it. Either way, I'll have all the details on how to get it here at AclinCorp.

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