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Monday, April 14, 2008


Forgetting Sarah Marshall is written by and stars Freaks and Geeks Alumni, Jason Segel. It is produced by Judd Apatow, and Directed by Nick Stoller. Basically the story of the film is that Peter Brenner (Segel) and Tv Superstar Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell) are in a romantic relationship. After a week away, Sarah returns home to a naked, love sick, Peter, where she promptly breaks up with him. It turns out there is another man in her life and Pete is not the one for her any more.

Distraught, Pete goes to his brother-in-law, Brian (SNL's Bill Hader), who helps him come to the agreement that he should go out and have sex with many women. Undeclared fans will love the sex scene between Pete and the 'Hi' girl (Carla Gallo). The scene harkens back to Undeclared Eric's (Segel) and Lizzie's (Gallo's) relationship.

Soon Brian tells Pete to go on a trip and get away. Pete picks Hawaii and sets off at once. Once he arrives, he meets Rachel (Mila Kunis of 'That 70's SHow'), the front desk attendant, as well as Sarah herself and her new boyfriend, the almost superhumanly sex driven Aldous Snow (Russel Brand). Through out the rest of the film, Pete gets on with doing exactly what the title suggests... Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

The Film is overall delightful with some great characters and extremely well written gags. Jonah Hill as the young star-struck hotel employee is hilarious, and a much nicer role for him than his usual extremely vulgar self. Don't worry though, he still sneaks in a few great comments. Jack McBrayer essentially plays the character of Kenneth that he also plays on the NBC television show 30 Rock, but with a newly wed sex driven mindset. My personal favorite supporting character is Da'vone McDonald (You may remember him as the large ex-Tupac-bodyguard in Drillbit Taylor). He plays the supportive bartender and friend of Pete and company. Then of course there is the great 2 dimensional character of Kunu, played excellently by Paul Rudd. Kunu is a surf teacher with a memory and attention level or about a 3rd grader. Mila Kunis is a great addition to what is know as Apatow's Crew, with her character willing to help all and almost totally unselfish. I still can't figure out how on earth Brian Brenner and Peter Brenner are step brothers when they have the same last name and while Brian, played by Bill Hader, was good ole Hader humor, the character was easily disposable and the film could have been totally fine without him. It should have been written out or enhanced to a 100% crucial plot point. The role was just to small to have a significant effect.

Russell Brand is delightful coming over to the american film market to extend his english popularity, and he does it well. I see him in several more films in the near future. Kristen Bell plays the character of Sarah Marshall well, making the audience see her in exactly the same way that Peter Brenner does. Jason Segel (last but not least) is excellent. Only once or twice does his character falter, but his script never does. I am very excited to hear he is co-writing the next Judd Apatow directorial feature as well as the next Muppet feature film.

Long story short, the film was quite swell and I recommend it to anyone who love romantic comedies, Slapstick comedies, and comedies of every type, because this film has it all.

4 stars

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