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Monday, September 20, 2010


Honestly, I don't know what rating to give this movie. I didn't see the first three Resident Evil movies, and while I played the second and fourth games for maybe a total of forty minutes, I would not consider myself any sort of savant of the franchise.

But, I really, honestly and truly, enjoyed this movie.
Resident Evil: Afterlife

But that does not mean that this movie is a good one. Here's a synopsis (Light spoilers maybe)

At the (thankfully fictional) Umbrella Corporation, a company that seems to specialize in creating Zombie Apocalypses for absolutely no reason, Albert Wesker, the man in charge, is making sure that the borders are secure. He probably should have done this earlier, because moments later - Alice (Mila Jovovich) - and her army of clones, come in and tear the place up. Albert flees in a jet, but the real Alice is on it. After one of the only two emotional lines in the movie, They crash the plane. It explodes. Alice walks off, having survived, en route to find Arcadia, a town in Alaska rumored to be a sanctuary for the non-infected.

Of course nothing is this easy and within the next 15/20 minutes Alice has assembled her party of six or seven cliched people, and the rest of the film is essentially a well-shot gamble of "So, who is going to be eaten or chopped in half next?"

The cinematography is easily the best part of this movie. It's REALLY well shot. The amount of crazy shots that have no business being in a movie ever - fit perfectly here. Plot wise though, nothing seems to really make sense. Everything that happens is for the sake of making the next action scene possible, and if at any point you think there might be a twist or something potentially interesting happening, don't worry, you won't find it here.

I have to mention a creative appearance by Wentworth Miller (Prison Break), who plays Chris Redfield (a main character from the video-game series). If you've played the game, there are some cool nod's here that I won't give away, and there is a great nod to Prison Break, and that he is the only party member in the prison who knows the secret way out.

In a movie that's chock full of problems, my only major one is the Villian. Albert Wesker. Besides having a stupid name, he is literally undefeatable, which is just. plain. boring. He's got the speed and agility of an Agent from the Matrix, mixed with the regenerative properties of Wolverine in X-Men:The Last Stand. He could literally not be a more boring adversary.

Overall I have to give this movie a 2, as far as movie quality is concerned. It's pretty, but plot holes, poor dialogue, and cliches just leave nothing to desire. BUT, as far as fun times at the movies go, I'd have to give this a 4, because I had a blast, was smiling my face off half the time, and if they make Resident Evil 5, you can count on me being in the audience watching it.

PS. Dear people wondering if I saw this in 3D or not. I did. And ya know, it really didn't add anything. Save 5$ if you are heading out to the cinema tonight.

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