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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This Is It: Jacksons Final Bow

One of the greatest entertainers of all time was taken from us earlier than expected. He was on his way back to the top after years of being out of the public eye and This Is It is the proof.

This Is It is a collection of rehearsal and behind the scenes footage for an upcoming tour. New footage was shot to accompany the live experience that even included 3D elements. The dancers were the best in the world and the live musicians were top notch. His main guitarists ripped on the guitar during a part to let them shine, but the solo for "Beat It" was made even more insane by lead guitarist Orianthi Panagaris. The new accompanying videos for "Thriller", "They Don't Care About Us", "Smooth Criminal" are also a wonder to watch. The footage shot of all of this was going to be a part of Michaels personal collection.

Overall, it's a rough mix of a live show. Part of the excitement of a concert is everyones reaction to what is happening. Since there was no audience for the concert and the people in the movie theater were in awe of this mastermind at work, a lot of the excitement was lost. This is not a problem on Jackson's part, though due to it being a rehearsal, he did not have proper costume and wasn't 100% in his actions for all of the songs. Also, due to it being a rehearsal process, some songs would stop in the middle because of something technical that needed to be sorted out for the performances, but they would not go back and finish the song.

In the film, Michael says that this concert was for the fans and is composed of songs that they wanted to hear. Hits like "Beat It", "Thriller" and "Man In The Mirror" are great to hear alongside some unexpected songs like a medley of Jackson 5 songs. After these songs are sung, he shared his love for his family that helped him get him where he is.

The main problem with all of this is that it leaves you wanting more, without the ability to get it. The performances had high energy and Michael was amazing to watch work, but it left a sadness that this great man was gone. The best feeling of the night for me was after the movie was over. I felt really sad that Michael was gone and a little disappointed in how it ended, but as the rest of the theater goers were leaving the theater, everyone was singing along to "Heal the World" that was being played in the credits. It helped me to realize that Michael will never be gone. His message of love to the world will never go away so long as his music still plays.

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