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Thursday, June 25, 2009


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is the movie with the lowest I.Q. that has even been made. But I think it is safe to assume that if you are going to see a movie based in a toy line, about giant robots smashing each other, you are not expecting to find anything intelligent, logical, coherent or challenging in it. Therefore I will not be as harsh as I would like to be as I review this film.

Because this is a Michael Bay film we expect the movie to have big explosions, over the top action scenes, Megan Fox looking sexy, some farcical humor with dogs humping each other, and a very thin plot to hold all this together. Since the movie delivers it is satisfying and you will get your money’s worth if this is what you expect to find. To sum it up Transformers Revenge of The Fallen plays very much like the second half of the first installment with a few improvements. In the first movie, the second half lagged because it was all action and very little dialogue, comedy, or Megan Fox. In this movie the dialogue, the comedy, Megan Fox, and the action appear in equally spaced intervals of the same length through out the whole two hours and a half. In this time the audience laughed, cheered, yelled, and wolf-whistled at Miss Fox almost non-stop.
A nice improvement from the first movie is that the camera is placed farther away from the action. This allows us to see the robots completely, which is really fun when they bash against each other. We also get to see a few new robots. Some are really cool, there is a huge one that creates itself from many construction trucks; while others are really annoying, a couple that folds out of a Smart and speak in gangsta rap tongues.
I’m going to skip over the plot and the characters and the formalities. It is enough to say the special effects are top-notch while the rest is not very good at all.
There is one tiny little detail that did bother me; the geography and politics make no sense at all. I wasn’t expecting them to make sense and I can forgive Michael Bay for placing the pyramids in Egypt close enough to the non-existent Egypt-Jordan border so that they are within walking distance from Petra. But placing them within a few miles of the sea so they can be bombed from a ship; this is simply insulting!
Anyway what do you expect? After all, this is a Michael Bay film.


Wilder Shaw said...

I expect a good movie!

If Michael Bay made LOTR, it would have been terrible.

I know Transformers can be good.

I just know it.

Should I see this one? I hated the first with every bone in my body.

JC Elizondo said...

If you hated the first. Then you will hate this as well. As I said It is a very idiotic movie. I did not like it but I was entertained.
An yeas I agree Transformers could be a good movie if someone else made it. But by Michael Bay standards I think this one is around The Island quality which was ok.

Hey could you fix the poster and put a big and shiny one. I dont know why every time i place an image it always comes out smaller.

Ezra Edmond said...

It's not like Michael Bay has always been bad. All his movie's no doubt are entertaining and pretty good crowd pleaser's.

Lets not forget the hilarity and greatness that was Bad Boy's & Bad Boy's 2.

I hear bad boys 3 is on the horizon, it'll be nice not to see martin Lawerence in a fat suit for once.

JC Elizondo said...

I think I hate Bad Boys 1 and 2 as much as Wilder hates transformers. So far the top movies have been Armageddon and The Island.
But yeah the whole point is that they are crowd pleasers

Wilder Shaw said...

I saw it today and it was actually pretty enjoyable.

I can't believe it.

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