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Friday, June 8, 2012


The first American Pie film was very-likely the first R-rated film I snuck into the theater for; I remember it fondly. By the time the second one came out, I was still in middle-school but the characters felt like all friends and it was cool to see them once again reunited after a year in college or two years of middle school for me. American Reunion follows the same formula of American Pie 2. After a long time away the four guys - Jim, Oz, Finch and Kevin - along with Stifler get together to re-live old times. This time it is their high-school reunion. Sadly while most of their behavior is appropriate for high-school seniors and college freshmen it comes out rather awkward coming from thirty-year-olds. Age hasn’t been good to this franchise. 

In the early moments of the film we get a fast update of what all the main characters have been up to. Jim and Michelle (Jason Biggs and Alyson Hannigan) are still married but now have a kid; once again the movie opens with one or both of them being caught in “the act” - this time by their son. Oz (Chris Klein) has become a sports commentator on ESPN and was on Dancing With The Stars; he shares a condo in LA with his live-in girlfriend (Katrina Bowden). Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) is married- happily- but he is the housewife in the marriage. And Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) claims to have spent the last 13 years motorbiking in Argentina. 

Back at the reunion they run into the whole gang. And more or less the same jokes from the previous three movies are repeated in different scenarios.

But consider Stifler (famously portrayed by Sean William Scott), who last time we saw him in American Wedding worked as a lacrosse coach and, supposedly by the end, had found a girl to go steady with. 13 years later Stifler is an intern at some management company, he still lives with his Mom (Jennifer Coolidge), and stalks out high-school parties in hopes of getting some. The jokes still work but behind the laughs there is some tragedy. 

I guess the filmmakers didn’t expecting anyone to look beyond the joke. But this is a film made for its nostalgia factors. I am not sure the “American Pie” franchise necessary resonates much with anyone who didn’t see it back in the day. We were all experiencing many things for the first time in the same way the characters were. We grew up and it is unfortunate to see that they didn't. 

Whatever. I also didn’t believe anyone was actually drunk. How come in my high school parties a girl never go so consciously drunk that she was able to sneak into my car- nude- attempt to get nasty and after we crash the car call AAA and get a ride home and after all that still be drunk enough to get it on? Honestly! Who can stay drunk for that long? And nude!

I’ll admit some perverted seventh-grader inside me still laughed. But since when do middle-schoolers have a good taste in anything? Especially humor?

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