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Monday, January 23, 2012


           I couldn’t care less about the battle between vampires and werewolves in popular culture; to be honest I don’t quite understand why they would ever be at such odds against each other. Luckily, I guess, the Underworld franchise doesn’t care too much to explain either. In the first movie, the Lycans (as the werewolves are known in this universe) created a hybrid were-zombie-wolf-fang-boy who we are told fell in love with the vampiress Serena (Kate Beckinsale). Three movies later, the humans have gained the upper hand in this battle and capture Serena and the hybrid. All this happens in a “previously on…” style recap. And the rest of the movie, involving Serena’s escape from the humans and the werewolves, feels like a very bad TV episode on the SyFy Channel or a prolonged cut scene in a video game. 

            So incomplete was this movie that you almost feel cheated out of your time by the end. I guess that the idea is to always leave the story incomplete in order to churn out more sequels without much effort. The film’s target audience is not one that would demand deep story telling and rounded characters; and I wasn’t expecting that going in. I do enjoy a fun B-movie every now and then (including the first two installments of this franchise), but Underworld Awakening just dumbs it down a step two low.

            I am not even sure on how I should continue with this review; there is nothing worth mentioning about Kate Beckinsale’s acting, or anyone else’s, or the stale dialogue present in the whole film. I would like to ask where do all the vampires get their fashion sense? Does one develop a fetish for leather and shiny spandex the moment one gets bitten? Or is Serena’s getup a passing fad?

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Rahul said...

Good movie with full of action. Watching 3D would be a better option. Those who cannot understand fluent English should go for the dubbed Hindi version. Both Kate Beckinsale and the girl playing her daughter character have done excellent work with awesome action scenes which has scenes of blood sucking vampires and horrifying attacks by the lycans. .

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