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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Besides the fact that the franchise died with X Men 3, and that Aronofsky is slated to direct an unrelated quasi reboot of it with The Wolverine 20th Century Fox decided to milk The X Men franchise with X Men First Class.

After X-3 and Wolverine, I have very low expectations for this one. Regardless the trailer doesn't make it look half as bad. I do like the idea of having it set during the Cuban Missle Crisis.


Nick Adams said...


I loved it. And no sarcasm! It was less flashy, more dignified.

I think I like the trailer for "Water for Elephants" more, but this is the first movie I'm actually now excited about for the summer.

And I'm not much of an X-Men movie fan.

Ezra Edmond said...

I think it looks pretty damn cool.

I didn't really like James McAvoy in "Wanted", but I didn't like anything about that movie. I'll certainly give this one a chance. Looks interesting to say the least. A decent change to the franchise. Character instead of just action.

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