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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Razzie Nominations Announced

Following up with award seasons, the 31st Golden Razzie Award nominations have been announced this week. For those of you who don’t know the Razzie’s are the anti-awards that celebrate the worst pieces of trash cinema has to offer. Like the Academy Awards, the Razzies tend to favor, or rather disfavor, high profile movies, stars and the like. Here are the nominations for this year’s greatest losers.

For Worst Picture
The Bounty Hunter
The Last Airbender
Sex & The City 2
Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Vampires Suck

For Worst Actor
Jack Black – Gulliver’s Travels
Gerard Butler – The Bounty Hunter
Ashton Kutcher – Killers
Taylor Launtner – Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Robert Pattinson – Twilight Saga: Eclipse


For Worst Actress
Jennifer Aniston – The Bounty Hunter
Miley Cyrus – The Last Song
The Four “Gal Pals” (Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis & Cynthia Nixon) – Sex & The City 2
Megan Fox – Jonah Hex
Kristen Stewart – Twilight Saga: Eclipse

For Worst Supporting Actor
Billy Ray Cyrus – The Spy Next Door
George Lopez – Marmaduke
Dev Patel – The Last Airbender
Jackson Rathbone – The Last Airbender & Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Rob Schneider – Grown Ups


For Worst Supporting Actress
Jessica Alba – Little Fockers
Cher – Burlesque
Liza Mineli – Sex & The City 2
Nicola Peltz – The Last Airbender
Barbra Streisand – Little Fockers

Worst Eye-Gouging Misuse of 3D – (This is a brand new category)
Cats & Dogs 2: Revenge of Kitty Galore
Clash of The Titans
The Last Airbender
Nutcracker 3D
Saw 3D (AKA Saw VII)

Worst Screen Ensemble / Couple
Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler – The Bounty Hunter
Josh Brolin’s Face & Megan Fox’s Accent – Jonah Hex
The Entire Cast – The Last Airbender
The Entire Cast – Sex & The City 2
The Entire Cast – Twilight Saga: Eclipse

 Worst Director
Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer – Vampires Suck
Michael Patrick King – Sex & The City 2
M. Night Shayamalan – The Last Airbender
David Slade – Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Sylvester Stalone – The Expendables


Worst Screenplay
The Last Airbender – written by M. Night Shayamalan, based on the TV series by Michael Dante Dimartino and Brian Konietzko
Little Fockers – written by John Hamburg and Larry Stuckey, based on the characters created by Greg Glenna & Mary Roth Clarke
Sex & The City 2 – written by Michael Patrick King, based on the TV series created by Darren Star
Twilight Saga: Eclipse – written by Melissa Rosenberg, based on the novel by Stephanie Meyer
Vampires Suck – written by Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer

Worst Prequel, Sequel, Remake or Rip-off
Clash of The Titans
The Last Airbender
Sex & The City 2
Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Vampires Suck


Nick Adams said...

I hate the Razzies. They are really lame. What's the point of having a "worst supporting actress" or whatever? If the awards are meant to be a joke, or satirical, they should actually try. Example: "Worst Method Acting: James Franco in 127 Hours."

These awards are the "Date Movie" of awards--just a self-righteous waste of time.

Ezra Edmond said...

Yeah, I pretty much have to agree with you there.

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