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Monday, February 14, 2011

New Spidey Movie Officially Baptized

A few weeks ago we got the first glimpse of the new Spiderman costume Andrew Garfield will be sporting in the reboot. That pic gave us a hint of what Garfield would look like as Peter Parker but the full costume was not revealed; it was missing the mask and the web-slingers. The full costume was revealed today as well as the official title of the film. Lo and behold the new Spiderman movie's official title will be:

The Amazing Spiderman.

Studios must think we are stupid if they believe that to be news. Unlike real news, everyone saw this coming. The new costume is much more interesting. Here is a pic of what Spidey will look like in the reboot:

Thankfully the studio decided to drop the huge bug eyes of the design of Ultimate Spiderman. That would have looked ridiculous; I have to say web-slinger aside I like this costume better than the classically inspired one of the Raimi films. It still doesn't look like something a high-schooler would be able to make, but I would take someone wearing this costume much more seriously than someone in tight red spandex.

What do you think?

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