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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Look! Up in the Sky! It’s a Bird! No, it’s a Plane! No, they’re Nazis… from Space!

            You might have heard about Iron Sky, but I just discovered it. And I have to say it looks like 110% of pulp awesomeness. I am already excited and it will probably not be released until next year, despite the fact that principal photography has warped. Why so long then? Well, Iron Sky is being financed through fan donations. So the filmmakers work at the rate the money pours in, which is very slow.

            The premise of the story is that in 1945 a few Nazis went to the moon and established a Nazi civilization in the dark side of it. They have been building up a plan to invade Earth since then. The invasion day is scheduled by 2018. This premise is so preposterous that it could only exist in a film produced the way Iron Sky is being produced. Yet it looks so much fun.

             The film is being produced by Timo Vuorensola and Samuli Torssonen, a pair of Finnish sci-fi geeks who made a Start Trek fan film, entitled Star Wreck, a while back. Star Wreck was made for no money at all but it turned out to be sufficiently good to be downloaded in numbers up to the millions and gain cult status amongst Star Trek fans and garner the filmmakers a deal with Blindspot, a Finnish distributor, to help distribute their next project.
 Some of the Space Nazi's are rather sexy. 

            You can support the film by going to their website and purchasing anything from their store. The items are preposterously priced; it’s 300 euros for the blu-Ray box set. But for your support you get credit for the movie and a ticket to the premiere, but the flight ticket to Finland is not included.

            I love to see motivation like this amongst fan filmmakers. People who produce entirely outside the industry model; this is filmmaking for the love of filmmaking. And they do not limit themselves to a small-scale production, kudos for them.

            If you want to support Iron Sky or just check out more info on it you can go to the website here:

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