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Sunday, March 7, 2010


So this movie is clearly another case of "Snakes on a Plane" aka a film that people are only excited to see because of the absurdness of its title, and its inclusion of some super cool actors. That's a problem. Because that doesn't make for a very good movie.

Alright, I'll admit that I was pumped up for this film solely because of those two aforementioned things, and the 3rd act of it is very hillarious. But the problem is that the 1st two aren't.

Here's why.

I didn't live through the 80's. I know what I've been told about the 80's, but I did not actually experience them. The only information I know to be fact about the 1980's is the fact that 90% of the technology I use today didn't exist yet, and fashion was different. If you want to joke about that- go for it - and I will laugh. Sadly though, this movie starts off a mile a minute about a decade that the majority of its audience does not know enough about.

Had they added some exposition to the 1980's part, aka 20 minutes of just explaining the decade - with out heavy jokes, and then built the rest of the jokes in the movie out of that, It would have been great. However they don't. The second they get to the 80's the jokes fly by a mile a minute with no background to make them as funny as they should be, and the movie drags on at a very awkward pace. However, with all this exposition, the last 20 minutes become very very funny, simply because by that time, we have finally figured out how this world works and thus can appreciate all the humor in it. Also, Crispin Glover plays an amazing cameo that gets more laughs then most of the other characters in the movie did.

Other than that the rest of the movie, especially the big important twists and plot conventions make little to no sense and will leave any avid lover of time travel cinema livid. But if you can take a night and throw all reason and logic out of the window, then go see Hot Tub Time Machine, because if you just need to lighten up - you'll certainly be able to with this movie.

I'll give this movie 2 stars solely because I am assuming that if you watch it and lived through the 80's, you will likely enjoy it a lot more. Sadly, the majority of people who will watch this film... didn't.

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