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Saturday, August 1, 2009


As an aspiring comedian, seeing Derrick Comedy rise to the world view strikes me deeply and with good reason. Derrick Comedy is without a doubt the funniest comedic group on the internet and maybe even in live comedy.

Mystery Team is a comedic tour de force that is full of off the wall humor perfect to bring the internet generation to the masses. It brings together Jason, the master of disguise, Duncan, the boy genious, and Charlie, the strongest kid in town, as a childhood team of super sleuths to solve cases inolving fingers in pies, missing cats and other neighborhood fare. The problem is, it's senior year of high school, and the Mystery Team is still open for business. They still get childish cases despite their age, until a young girl comes and asks to solve the double murder of her parents. Her old sister Kelly, played by Aubrey Plaza, comes and takes her away, but not before Jason gets struck by the ripe arrow of Cupid. Despite Charlie and Duncan wanting to give the case to the police, Jason insists that it will make them more respectable as well as might make Kelly like him.

After going through their usual suspects of 10 year olds for the murders, they go their usual informant Jordy, played by Bobby Moynihan. Jordy is an odd gentleman that is keyed up on helping the Mystery Team as it seems to give him a glimpse into the innocence that he gave up once he took the dead end job as a store clerk. This isn't overtly addressed, as Jordy seems like a happy-go-lucky guy with a screw loose, but his character gets a great amount of screen time that is important to the development of Jason. Once the clues start to illuminate the big conspiracy surrounding the murders, the boys must come into their own and do whatever it takes to bring the mystery to a close.

This is without a doubt, the funniest movie I have seen in a really long time. The boys don't know any better, and they know what they are doing is right, like a good villain. Not saying that the team is evil, but their performances are so genuine that you can't help but get believe them and believe in them.

The music is all done by Donald Glover and mixes traditional composition in the beginning with grittier hip-hop music near the end. This along with the cinematography helps to transition the world of the story and the characters themselves from a childlike innocence to a realistic detective story.

The movie isn't without its problems, but they are intertwined with the plot and I don't want to spoil anything. Also, they don't tarnish the overall product.

Mystery Team is without a doubt a movie to see. Its style marks the beginning of a new era of movie comedy. Much like Judd Apatow did for the average guy, Derrick Comedy is doing for slapstick. Everyone should see this movie when it comes out later this fall to a theatre near you.



Wilder Shaw said...

I'm wearing a top hat.

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I'm wearing TWO top hats.

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