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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Not So Arrested Development

Anyone who has read my posts on this blog should know how I feel about the late Arrested Development. I have said repeatedly that it was the greatest show ever to air on TV, and I still believe that with every bone in my body.

Ever since the final episode of the series aired in February of 2006, fans have been eagerly expecting the feature film that the aforementioned episode eluded to. Then, for a period of almost three years, nothing really happened, minus the occasional interview in which Jason Bateman would say that they were all interested in doing it. There was even an Independent AD Documentary Project. in the works.

Well, after all this waiting, it seems that the development of this movie is no longer that arrested. I don't want to speak to soon, but it looks like this movie is finally happening. Ron Howard, the producer, and narrator of the series, has signed on to direct. Mitchell Hurwitz, the genius creator has written a draft of the script. Almost every single original cast member has signed on to reprise their roles, even the more minor characters.

It looks like this movie is actually going to happen.

More to come.

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