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Thursday, December 18, 2008

If you thought Episode I was bad...

Then you have to see the Star Wars Holiday Special. Aired only once on CBS in 1978 this special has become a cult classic among Star Wars fans for its camp value and use of the original Star Wars cast. In short the plot follows Chewbacca on a quest to go home to celebrate Christmas...err...Life Day. In the typical "Star Wars fashion" all things go sour as Darth Vader has plans to ruin the festivities. Throughout the special you also get to see entire scenes performed in Wookiee, meet Chewbacca's son Lumpy, Carrie Fisher singing over the Star Wars theme and an oddly suggestive video from the Jefferson Starship.

The special is absolutely horrid with the sole action scene consisting of a Stormtrooper bending down to pick up a blaster and then falling off a ledge. The special is a must-see for Star Wars fans and a great endurance test for just about anyone. I've seen it three or four times now and I still can't watch the entire thing in a single sitting. Its impossible.

George Lucas wants every copy of the special burned and forgotten. He has publically said "The special from 1978 really didn't have much to do with us, you know. I can't remember what network it was on, but it was a thing that they did. We kind of let them do it. It was done by... I can't even remember who the group was, but they were variety TV guys. We let them use the characters and stuff and that probably wasn't the smartest thing to do, but you learn from those experiences. I had a wonderful time on Young Indiana Jones. It was a great series. We did it for four years. I spent those four or five years actually working on it. That's really all I did during those years. It was really a great experience and I love television."

The special earned itself a special place in the Star Wars canon. The Star Wars Animated Adventure segment was the first time the character Boba Fett was introduced in the Star Wars mythos. This was also the first time we saw Chewbacca's home planet of Kashyyyk and this was later used as a model for Star Wars Episode III. Since the release the special has been spoofed by Robot Chicken, South Park and it even earned spot in the music video for Weird Al's White & Nerdy.

So if you haven't seen it already, cozy up against the fireplace and make a tray of Wookiee Ookies. Below is the Star Wars Holiday Special.

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Lauren Ann said...

Bless you for bringing this to my attention.

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