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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dragonball live-action movie continues to look awful

Following in the tradition of live-action cartoon adaptations, the new Dragonball movie (now with the not so subtle subtitle Dragonball: Evolutions) looks more akin to to a throwaway D-rate kung fu movie than it does a proper homage to the anime and manga series of the same name. Between numerous reshoots and rumors of cancellation long ago this trailer doesn't do much to tide away my already very low expectations for it. Understandably, Dragonball and its spin-off Dragonball Z are by no means high art this is looking about on par with your average video game movie. However, the film is being produced by Stephen Chow who directed and starred in the awesome Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle among others. Though I doubt he'll be able to save the film, much like how the Wachowski brothers failed to create a compelling Speed Racer film.

See the trailer after the jump...


Anonymous said...

I actually thought it looked pretty good. My friend did too. I hated the first two trailers i saw for it but this one actually peaked my interest a little. I think I'm gonna reserve judgement until the movie is out though. A lot of people said Speed Racer was ridiculous and I bought into that hype until i saw it on DVD and kicked myself for not seeing it in a theatre.

Mark Donica said...

dude, this trailer made me feel more hopeful!

Wilder Shaw said...

I do not plan on seeing this one.

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