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Monday, December 15, 2008

What We Like: Ezra's Favorites

Do you know what time it is? It's time to find out what sorts of movies I like!

Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit:

I have always loved the Wallace and Gromit animated shorts since I was little. Then the movie came out and it proved that even years later, a franchise can be revived to 100% new life. Every joke in this movie is spot on, and many of the visual gags take you many, many, views to notice. Peter Sallis, Helena Bonham Carter, and Raph Fiennes do a fantastic job as the characters, and the animation is the best stop-motion animation to date. Also, the rabbits are damn cute.

Kill Bill (1&2):

If you went in a public bathroom, saw a number on the wall that said "For a good time - call me" - and then you called the number, the good time would involve you watching both volumes of Kill Bill back to back. The direction in this film is great, some of Tarantino's best. The story is simple. A woman wants revenge. And revenge she gets, in some of the most gory (but 'fun' gory) action/sword fighting scenes out there. Volume 1 is basically done in the style of a traditional samurai film, while volume 2 goes more in the style of a traditional western. However, they both flow into each other perfectly (started as one big script) and they are super entertaining the whole way through. There is no mystery... only revenge.


Superbad sums up high school life for teenage boys perfectly. In fact more than perfectly. Simply because - it was written by teenagers. Seth Rogen and Even Goldberg (Pineapple Express) wrote this movie while back in high school, and every joke is believable because of it. The gags are amazing, and the one liners get my laughing every time (in fact, it is one of the only comedies, that I never tire of watching). Jonah Hill and Michael Cera could not have been more perfectly cast, and every scene with Mclovin' and the cops get more and more ridiculous - coming to a very satisfied ending (heh heh).

Well all, That's what I like! Of course there is more but you'll have to wait till next time to find out!

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Wilder Shaw said...

I agree with all except Kill Bill. Not a Tarantino fan.

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