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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Film Review: WALL-E

This review will be short because of the fact that there are not all to many actors to critique. Lets start with the fact that the robots don't talk very much, and when they do it works well and is not obnoxious. Jeff Garlin does a magnificent job as the Captain of the Axiom, a man who wants to return to Earth so badly, he will disobey orders to do it.

This is the first PIXAR movie to feature live action segments, and because of the story and art direction of the film, it fits flawlessly. Fred Willard is fantastic as the CEO of Buy 'n' Large, and subsequently, the world. And when the live action cuts back to animation it does not feel awkward at all.

Simply PIXAR has done it again. The direction by Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo) is fantastic, he seems to have a thing for deep space vast movies, like the oceans in 'Nemo.' He can truly take a scene and make it feel as depthy as it would feel if you were living in it. The rendering of the animation is almost scarily realistic. PIXAR's attention to detail shows more in the movie than it ever has before, with every item on screen, clear and distinguishable to a degree that cannot be described as anything less than 'better than having 20/20 vision in real life'

PIXAR proves with this pictures again that animated movies are truly all about the story. Wall-e flows flawlessly, and the amazing art and characters all help with the flow of the story, using everything from lines painted on the floor to simple eye movements to tell the story with as little dialogue as possible.

The sound design by Ben Burtt is fantastic. Each spoken word and sound is a gem and a world of new noises blends amazingly into the world of sound we are already so familiar with. It sounds like taking a trip to another land and hearing something new, and strangely organic. Even the sounds in outer space (where there is no sound in real life) is believable and feels like it belongs there.

The film is preceded by a delightful short called PRESTO, which is about a rabbit who belongs to a magician and wants only a simple carrot that he can never have. It is delightful, has beautiful rendering, and also is a great modern-day rendition of the older Tex Avery animation.

4 stars

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