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Friday, July 11, 2008


Meet Dave is a decent film at best. Ed Helms plays a villain that is not too captivating, and the jokes on his name being #2 were used up back when austin powers still was a 'new thing'. Elizabeth banks is beautiful as always as the mom of the kid who Dave spends his time around, but her character is hardly developed. Same goes for everyone else. Pretty much, the only two developed characters in the entire film are #3 (Gabrielle Union) and The Captain (Eddie Murphy). They have nice character arcs in a film that teaches you that, when everyone treats you like trash under their shoe, you will develop and learn to be human.... when you are in fact from outer-space.

The story relies far too much on sympathy for cute children, and for a Sci-fi comedy... the director, Brian Robbins, did not quite nail the film, ironically he did quite nicely for one of his recent films "The Shaggy Dog", which is always good for a laugh.

What makes the movie good is Eddie Murphy. He is easily one of this generations best character actors. He can contort his body and muscles in a way that one could never imagine. His comic timing is brilliant and almost every line or action he makes delivers a solid laugh. Shame the rest of the movie couldn't preform as well as he did.

"...and now I must disappear into the night!"

Ps. Eddies next movie is also about people who are really small. Keep an eye out for "The Incredible Shrinking Man"... coming to a theater eventually!

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